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Our Mission

A New Standard in Sound Technology

After working in the live sound industry for over 20 years, Wavefile proprietor Dean Lovell wanted to offer more than just mixing the live show to his clients. 

The Wavefile System was developed as a studio standard mobile recording system. With ATI 8MX2 Preamps and 2 Tascam X48 HD multi-track recorders, Wavefile now offers a system that can be easily transported in a small van and setup in minutes at any venue. 

Our Technology


  • 48 x ATI 8MX2 Preamps
  • 2 x Tascam X48 HD Multitrack recorders
  • 1 x Tascam Stereo Master Recorder


  • TascamX48 HD Multitrack Recorder
  • Yamaha M7CL utilising Tascam Digital input cards
  • Tascam Stereo Mastering Recorder


  • Tannoy Little Gold Monitors
  • Yamaha NS10

Our Work

The Beatles Orchestrated

We currently have the pleasure of working with Christopher Lee Frazer  John Kater  Rodney Patrick and Nando Pettinato in The Beatles Orchestrated, featuring The Beatle Boys and The Australian Symphony Orchestra.

The concerts offer a fantastic challenge and very rewarding results.

We capture an amazing night and whilst operating all aspects of sound including FOH monitors and the multitrack record and remix it's right up there with the best gigs with a group of musicians any audio engineer would be proud to be part of. 

Come and check out Orchestrated II in 2017 which includes post Beatles solo hits. It's a night to remember.


Orchestrating a Beatles Show with Dean Lovell at the helm

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TAKE A LISTEN | The Beatle Boys performing 'Back in the USSR' live at Hamer Hall, Melbourne