Multitrack Recording

Wavefile uses Tascam X48 HD multitrack recorders and Tascam CD recorders


Wavefile uses ATI 8MX2 preamplifiers 


Wavefile uses a variety of microphones depending on the event and needs of the artist


Wavefile can provide you will all recorded files to your hard drive for later remixing 


Wavefile does not retain any files once handed to client. If Wavefile is providing the remix service files are kept for 12 months only


1. Can you hire the system with out operator? No Wavefile provides a recording engineer

2. Can Wavfile provide a live mix to camera? Yes absolutely 

3. Do you provide CD after show? As a general rule Wavefile will provide a guide un mixed CD after show.

4. Do you provide all mics? If the event is a live event Wavefile will take a split of all mics and provide audience mics as required.

5. Do you have a recording studio? No only a remixing space.