Sir Michael Crawford

The sound for Chicago at Barker College was very accurate and did not sound amplified a great result 

Doug Parkinson

Where have you been all my career Deano the sound last night was soooooo good.

Ramin Karimloo

Glorious sound Dean thank you very much for all you do.

Nando Pettinato Leading Sydney Drum Teacher

Hands down one the easiest and best engineers I have ever worked with. Soundcheck is 5 mins with zero feedback and a great mix straightaway. Thanks Deano from Wavefile

Michael Carpenter record producer/engineer

Beautiful mix last night at the State Theatre Sydney for Beatles Orchestrated. We heard every instrument and did not need our ear plugs I totally forgot about the engineering and could just sit back and enjoy great sound. Thanks Dean from Wavefile

ASSG Awards

At the Australian Screen Sound Guild Awards we have never heard the event so clear and clean as we did with Wavefile and Dean Lovell

Alison Shaw Ryde Secondary College

Thank you so much for all you did for our music night. Our hall is very awkward space for sound and this year was vastly improved with your equipment and expertise. Our team of students loved working with you and learnt so much     "on the job" knowledge from you.

Elizabeth James (Music Co-Ordinator) Arden Aglican Beecroft

Dean Lovell from Wavefile has been Arden's sound engineer since 2017. He is thoroughly professional and we are delighted with the quality of sound he achieves in our difficult hall for all our music performances.

Soph Botta Kolmikon Studios

Dean Lovell a very gifted engineer! Nothing is too much to ask and nothing id ever a problem. A great guy to work with who always does an incredible job.

Adam Scicluna College Musical Director/Producer

Clancy Catholic College always ensures it secures the impeccable services of Dean Lovell and Wavefile for all our major events. These have included school festivals, musicals, graduations and HSC examinations. The professionalism, commitment and expertise is exemplary and in addition to this Dean delivers his products and services with a diligent and respectful attitude. We could not recommend Wavefile more, a totally dependable pleasure to work with. 

Adam Scicluna

Darren Coggan Musician and TV presenter

As a touring artist you need to surround yourself with good people who know their craft and are also fun to be around, Dean Lovell is exactly this. A dedicated engineer who listens with a tremendous understanding and respect of both audience and performers requirements, with an ability to handle the unforeseen technical challengers that inevitably occur with calm resolve and sensitivity. I look forward to working with him for many years to come!!